Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here's to a Great "Love Day"

Well I know I have been a BAD Blogger! Life has been even busier in'09 than it was in '08! The Crafty Scrapper where I work has not slowed down one bit! Classes are going like gang busters, I am both working and teaching a lot! I got to go to CHA with Carolyn at the end of the month! That was incredible! Right after I got home from that, Chris was off to Vegas for his boys weekend and to watch the Superbowl. Which I watched with the neighbors. What a GREAT game! Love me some Steelers!!!!
Then after we thought all things were getting settled. We have TONS of design team work to do, all the stuff Carolyn and I ordered at CHA has been FLYING in!!! And Porter and I are about to start softball. Her through the Midlothina Girls Softball Association, her first year. And I got on with a co-ed team through Cedar Hill Parks and Rec department. And we have started back at the gym too.
Oh did I also mention that Chris and I are the Cookie Managers for Porter's troop? And It is cookie sale time!
So amongst all that craziness, I am so sorry I have not posted! But I did get the Flip T!M Holtz did up on Porter's Blog;

So Chris and I decided to make it a slow fun night for Valentine's Day, I worked, he shopped and then suprised me at work with flowers and a very nice expensive bottle of new parfume by Issey Miyake! Then we headed home to try out our new fondue pot, our valentines experiment! He got a nice Pinot to share, and we had a classic cheese fondue with french bread, broccolli, apples and red pepper.

Then we watched some Madagaskar II for Porter, then we started peparing everything for our main course. We did and oil fondue with tempura batter, and 2 homeade sauces. We had serloin, lobster, shrim, scallops, mushrooms and zuchini. It was better than when we went out for fondue, and we were all so full we could not bring ourselves to do the chocolate!
After a game of Scene It on the X-box (which I won) we called it a night. Great DAY!!!!
Hope all of you had a great day with the one's you love! Now off to create!!!!
Have a Scrappy Day!
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