Saturday, July 19, 2008

mucky muck

We went out to Bardwell Lake today to hang out with Caroline and the kids for a few hours. The girls were totally grossing me out rubbing the bottom of the lake on their legs and arms ; talking about how good the mucky muck felt good and made their skin smooth. Funniest part is when we got their M was worried about her hair getting tangled by the lake water and by the time we left she was rubbing the bottom of the lake on her like a Spa treatment!!!
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Off to Camp

Well the time has come and Porter was off to her 1st Girl Scout Camp today! I was really concerned about the preparation and excited about having some time by myself; but by 5:00 today I started missing her saying Mama, Mama, Mama! By 9:00 I called to check on her.

As of late I have not heard back but hope I get an update in the morning. I know some times she drives me nuts but who could not miss this cute girl!!!! But I am looking forward to a full day of scrapbooking tomorow and watching whatever I want with out worrying, oh.... and did I mention SLEEPING IN!!!!! Woo HOO!

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