Thursday, June 26, 2008

1st Class

Taught my 1st class tonight, we had a few with other issues so it was a one on one with me and Susan. She was so sweet, making this home decor piece for her kids of her grandkids. My camera was acting nuts so unfortunately this is the best picture. Will post my newest project soon!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another day at Hurricane Harbor

We did it again! Hurricane Harbor again today! Yes we are Crazy but we had a blast, it was an awesome day and she and I both rode the tallest slide in the park! I almost crapped my pants, it was so scary! But she had a blast!
We prolly have had to much sun, but now off to VBS and I am off to Dallas to get Alex, she had some more prob's with her peep's so she is back with us for a while! Say a prayer! :-)
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Days!

OK, this is how the summer is going to go huh.... Needless to say, I was yellow! Got my butt kicked by a 7 year old!
We started the day off with cinnamon rolls (love Pillsbury!) then we headed to Hurricane Harbor for about 4 hours. We had a blast, we got there just as the park opened and were able to ride all the rides by the time it got packed and headed out right after it hit 102*.
After a little rest time, paid a few bills, did a load of laundry the off to play Monopoly Jr. now off to do a few summer homework worksheets, dinner and VBS. Hopefully I can get some scrapping in!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday Cake Book

Here is the latest project I completed for my DT. I am also officially gainfully employed part time! I am now an officially on staff at The Crafty Scrapper And we are gearing up for some new classes. Off to create!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

1st trip to Six Flags this summer

Well Porter and I ventured out yesterday morning after picking up our first order and set out for Six Flags. It was scheduled to be a warm 95 degrees, but we are troopers we could hang!
The first ride we did was Splash Down, or what ever they have renamed it too. Well we certainly got soaked, but it cooled us down after the long walk into the park, yes at 11:15 after an hour and fifteen minutes it was already REALLY busy. We then tried for the new Tony Hawk ride but the wait was over 1:30! We rode a few other things, had an ice cream and Porter got to play one game in which she won this handy dandy little Supergirl cape.
Oh did I mention right after Six Flags we has a VBS kick off party, yes... dare I say out in the sun! Good ol Texas summer.

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